Pistachio Lovers Tin 460g

Pistachio Lovers Tin 460g

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Colour your Christmas with an unmissable gift box for all Pistachio lovers. A special box which contains pistachio spread with 30% pistachios, Salted Pistachio Chocolate bar, assorted chocolate truffles and a panettone with candied fruit. Handpacked. 

Panettone without candied fruit peels, with Sultanas. Naturally leavened oven-baked cake. 100g

Perle - Salted pistachio chocolate truffle pot 50g

Pistachio spread (30%) Pot 150g

White Chocolate with salted pistachio bar 60g

Pistachio and Raspberry, Pistachio, Salted Peanut, Triple Chocolate - Assorted Chocolate Truffles. 100g